Lowry Park Zoo: Top 5 Toddler Experiences

Lowry Park Zoo is one of our favorite places to visit!  You can buy an annual pass very reasonably, which also includes discounts on food and other items purchased in the zoo. Here are my top 5 experiences that you and your toddler shouldn’t miss!


Luke at the splash pad

    1. Splashing in the Wallaroo Water Play area – This splash pad was recently redone and it is the best I’ve seen in the area! It’s huge and there are things for kids big and small to enjoy. A “Mommy Center” is nearby, which is a great place to stop and feed your baby or change the kids into their swimsuits.
    2. Feeding the Lorikeets – Set foot in an aviary and be surrounded by these adorable little birds. And for a few extra dollars you can get a cup of nectar and these birds will fly (or jump) right to you and eat it out of your hands!
    3. Walking with the Wallabies – This is another opportunity to get right up close and personal with the animals. You’re able to walk through an enclosed area with wallabies. They’ll often hop across the pathway between guests, making this area really exciting!
    4. Going Underwater with the Manatees – The underwater viewing area allows you to feel like you’re swimming with these gentle giants. Parental perk: it’s indoors, providing much-needed relief from the Florida heat.
    5. Cruising the Carousel & Other Rides – The zoo is centered around a carousel with a diverse assortment of animals to ride. This, and all the other rides at the zoo, is included with admission. The train ride is another fun one for little ones. Once your toddler reaches 36″, he or she can also enjoy a car ride, flying banana ride and bumper boats!


      Feeding the lorikeets

My list could go on and on! We always enjoy watching all the primates play and walking through the large aviary at the park entrance. What about you? What are your favorite things to do at the zoo?

P.S.  I’m not one to typically advocate for animals in captivity, but the zoo’s accreditation and conservation efforts make me a big supporter!

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