Our Day at Magic Kingdom

Yesterday we took our first family trip to Magic Kingdom. I’ve been excited and nervous for this day for quite a while. Excited for obvious reasons, and nervous because Luke can have a meltdown like no other, and Eli relies on his quiet crib to nap quite a bit during the day.

We were as prepared as we could be – I researched all the rides and shows in advance, including how you should use your allotted three Fast Passes. We had a flexible itinerary, changes of clothes, an extra pair of hands (my mom!) and lots of snacks, yet we still faced a few surprises.

We planned to leave around 7:30 a.m., arrive by 9 and get to Peter Pan’s flight (one of the busier rides) before making our way to Small World for our Fast Pass at 10. That didn’t happen. First of all, the crowds were crazy. We thought that going on a Wednesday before the holidays would be a slow time to visit, but we were wrong! Second of all, I didn’t realize  how difficult it was just to get into the park. First you take the tram to the ticket counter, which fortunately we were able to bypass because we already had tickets. Then you take the monorail or ferry to the entrance. Then you get your bags checked. And then, I was randomly selected to go through a metal detector (which, side note, I am ALWAYS randomly selected for extra security measures! It doesn’t bother me a bit, but I think it’s kind of funny.)


On the tram


Waiting for the ferry


Nursing on the ferry – so ready to be done nursing!

We finally made it in and had to RUSH to make it to Small World before our Fast Passes expired. Luke absolutely LOVED this ride. He was staring in awe at everything, and pointing to the dancing figures and laughing. I’m really glad we went on this ride. I think Eli liked it too, and it will be on my list to ride again on our next visit.


It’s A Small World


It’s A Small World

After Small World we went to Pete’s Silly Sideshow to meet Goofy and Donald. The characters don’t seem to walk around the park like they did when I was younger. Instead you wait in line to have one-on-one time with them. With Luke’s current obsession with all Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, this was a priority for us this trip to Disney. He did pretty well in line and was really happy while meeting the characters. You could wait in another line to meet Minnie and Daisy, but we were able to see them while we exited and I realized Luke has a little crush on Minnie Mouse. He stared at her for a while!


Waiting to meet Donald and Goofy


Me and my mom


Dada and Eli


Meeting Goofy




Meeting Donald

Next we went to Winnie The Pooh to use our second Fast Pass. I didn’t know anything about this ride, but it was recommended for a Fast Pass on a site I used for research. The ride consists of little honey pot cars that follow a track, similar to many of the other rides at Disney. It wasn’t all that exciting and I think we’ll skip it on our next visit.

From there we had hot dogs for lunch. Luke was filled up on goldfish and cereal bars so he modeled my sunglasses instead of eating. Eli took a nap.



From here Robert, Luke and I got in line for the spinning teacups. It turned out to be ideal timing since this wasn’t a ride my mom would enjoy, so she could stay back with our snoozing Eli. While in line, it was evident from Luke’s attitude that it was nap time, yet this energetic boy was running full throttle. I saw so many kids sleeping in their parents’ arms and was a bit envious. This child has so much energy he could never sleep somewhere like Disney. He didn’t even sleep on the car ride home!!


In line for the teacups


This photo will no doubt be a family classic, especially with Robert’s clever caption “The happiest place on earth”

As soon as the ride started going and Robert started spinning us, Luke got the most enormous grin on his face. Moments like this are perfect. However shortly after I snapped this picture, Luke got a terrified expression on his face. I think he realized how dizzy he was. Overall, he absolutely loved the ride and we’ll definitely ride it again on our next trip!


This face!

From here we saw the 3D Mickey’s Philharmagic show. This was Luke’s first 3D experience and he was reaching out to grab the cartoons as they came flying toward us. All the songs were from my favorite Disney movies like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Lion King. This was a perfect little escape from the crowds and I’d definitely see it again.


3D glasses at Mickey’s Philharmagic

After the show, we got the iconic Mickey-shaped ice cream! This is a “must do” during a day at Magic Kingdom!


We weren’t quite sure what to do next. I checked the ride wait times from the Disney app and we decided to check out Pirates of the Caribbean since it had a 45-minute wait time as opposed to the other 2-hour waits! This line was tough for Luke. He was being a little out of control – but honestly, what can you expect from a 2.5 year old? Eli took a nap. As for the ride itself, I wasn’t impressed, and we’ll skip it next time. There was quite a drop – I’m glad I had a good hold on Eli and that Robert didn’t let Luke fly out!


The capstone to our day was meeting Mickey. I got a Fast Pass for 3:30 p.m. to make sure we could get in and out and hit the road. This encounter was really neat. It is set up so that you’re going back stage to meet Micky in a theater. It’s very private with only 2 families in the room at a time. Mickey is different from all the other characters because he talks in the classic Mickey voice. We couldn’t quite figure out how it worked. The family in front of us was from Argentina and Mickey started speaking to them in Spanish!


All in all we had a great day, even though Luke had an accident while riding on Robert’s shoulders! I’m really glad we took Luke at an age of such pure, innocent joy! Seeing happiness radiate from him filled my love tank up to the brim (sorry for the sap!)

I think our next trip will be in a couple years when Eli is at an age to really enjoy it. Until then we’ll be reliving the memories!


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